May 8, 2018 Meeting Minutes

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DWLRAVMS – 8 May, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Attendance: 25 members present indicating a quorum.

Call to Order: Commander Herman Martinez called the meeting to order at 6:35pm. Treasurer Ned Conlin led the members in the Pledge of Allegiance and Vice Commander Rick Davis gave the invocation. Commander Herman Martinez welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the new members; he mentioned there have been 36 new members since January of this year.

Committee Reports:

Vice Commander’s Report: Vice Commander Rick Davis mentioned the upcoming Memorial Day event within our community. The placement of flags at the end of every driveway is still being planned. The new chair of this activity is Paul Hufford and volunteers are still needed.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Ned Conlin gave a detailed treasurer’s report indicating monthly expenses of $214.84, leaving a current balance of $1,661.29 in the treasury. Anyone interested in knowing greater details may contact Ned Conlin or any board member directly. Motion was made to approve the treasurer’s report by Larry Voith, a second was made by Paul Quigley; everyone approved the motion.

Secretary’s Report: Secretary Pat Sefton stated that the secretary’s report is available to review by any member upon request. Because last month was a program by Sherriff Rick Wells, the details of his presentation were not detailed for this meeting. Motion was made to approve the minutes by Steve Dretar and second was made Lyman Hutchinson; everyone approved the motion.

Outreach Committee: Outreach Coordinator Joan Sauer was unable to attend but Commander Herman Martinez explained the purpose of the committee and encouraged everyone to contact Joan is they are aware of a community need, it does not necessarily need to be a member of the organization. He also explained a few of the outreach activities that have already taken place.

Old Business:

Website Coordinator: Jerry Hufford has been working on developing a website for the organization, Jerry along with his son have made great strides and will be ready shortly to reveal the completed work to all members. When this site is up and running, the treasurer’s reports and the secretary’s reports will be on the site for everyone to access.

 Memorial Day Activities: Vice Commander Rick Davis mentioned the purpose of the holiday is to remember people who died while serving in the country’s armed forces. Vice Commander Rick Davis mentioned there are several ways to participate and remember those who served; everyone can attend the services at the Sarasota National Cemetery at 10:00am on May 26th, it is a moving service and a tribute to all who served their county; in addition, volunteers are still needed to assist with the Lakewood Ranch Parade.

Vice Commander Rick Davis also elaborated on the placement of flags within our community. Once the details have been identified, the Activity Director will send a notice out to all residents. This email will contain a disclaimer allowing an individual to request non-participation in this activity if desired. Assistance will be needed on Tuesday to take down the flags on sites where neighbors may be on vacation or not at home.

New Business:

By-Laws: Commander Herman Martinez explained the process for development and review of the organization’s by-laws. He extended a ‘thank you’ to Barry Pinkus and Amy Greenburg for their time and efforts in the review. Following this draft the board met and tweaked the by-laws before the draft was sent to all members for review. Commander Martinez explained the goal is to be recognized as a non-profit organization which requires by-laws and official minutes of activities during the filing process.

Commander Martinez asked for open discussion regarding the proposed draft of the by-laws. Hearing no major issues, he asked for a motion to approve the by-laws as proposed; the motion was made by Larry Voith and a second was heard from Ernie Wawrowicz, the motion was carried with unanimous approval.

Member-at-Large: Commander Martinez explained the need for an additional board member; the primary reason is to establish an odd number of members for voting purposes, this will also provide an additional member to assist other board members in duties as designated by the Commander. The board nominated Jerry Hufford as a candidate and the Commander asked for nominations from the floor. Hearing none, a motion was made by commander Martinez to approve the nomination, a second was made by Vice Commander Rick Davis, with unanimous approval the motion was carried. Commander Martinez welcomed Jerry to the board.

Supply Officer: Commander Martinez mentioned the need for a Supply Officer, this individual will maintain an inventory of needed items, examples include the current supply of shirts and hats for sale. Fred Chapman volunteered for the position and was applauded for this volunteerism.

Membership Chair Position Eliminated: Commander Martinez announced that the position has been eliminated… it was discussed at a recent board meeting and it was felt to be everyone’s responsibility to encourage new members.

Historian: Commander Martinez asked for a volunteer to be the Historian, this individual will keep a notebook with all pictures, articles and notices occurring within the organization. Steve Milrod volunteered for the position and was applauded for his volunteerism.

July 3rd Raffle: Commander Martinez mentioned that the quilted items donated by Secretary Pat Sefton will replace the 50/50 raffle for the next couple meetings. Vice Commander Rick Davis mentioned he’d like a couple volunteers to sell raffle tickets 30-40 minutes prior to a few major social events taking place from now till the drawing. Examples include the Trivia Game Night, Potluck Dinner, Bingo Night, etc. Vice Commander Rick Davis may be calling on various members throughout the next couple months, Rick did receive two volunteers for Trivia Game Night.

Active Shooter Program: Commander Martinez mentioned a tentative date of July 19th at 11:00am for members of the Manatee Sherriff’s office to present an Active Shooter Program for our community. Further information will follow as plans are finalized.

July 3rd Celebration: Commander Martinez mentioned a Golf Cart Parade is in the planning stages for our July 3rd celebration. Further details are to follow.

Open Discussion: Commander Martinez open the meeting to comments and concerns from the general membership. He mentioned the possible idea of taking a small group of volunteers up to the VA Hospital to play Bingo with several of the patients. There was interest expressed by several members, details will be forthcoming.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,


Patricia Sefton

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