April 9, 2024 AVMS Meeting Minutes

Christopher DiBiaseMeeting Minutes

April 9, 2024 AVMS Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: Rich Greenberg -President, called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. Director at Large Deb Distefano led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Invocation: led by Bob Turner

Welcome Remarks: New members were welcomed by Secretary – Dave Chervin.

Roll Call/Attendance: All five Directors were present.

Officer Reports

Secretary’s Report: Dave Chervin announced that March 2024’s meeting minutes were approved by the Board electronically and are available on our website. Minutes will be posted on the AVMS website.

Treasurer’s Report: Steve Milbrod reported:

Opening Balance – $10,638.17
Ending Balance – $16,836.90

$665.84 – Dues
$156.21 – Donations
$45.00 – 50/50 proceeds
$6,251.10 – Webb Fest proceeds
$50.00 – Shirt sales

$722.00 – Restock inventory shirts and hats
$99.89 – Printing brochure for Corporate Sponsorship
$73.00 – Credit card reader
$74.00 – Webb Fest poster

Old and New Business

  • Our speaker at this meeting was Tom Healey who gave an overview of the Manatee County Veterans Mentoring Program.
  • Steve gave an update on the upcoming Webb Fest event. We have the volunteer crew in place.
  • A committee has been set up for our Corporate Sponsorship Program. We need the names of any new sponsors by May 15.
  • Dave gave an update on the new JROTC scholarship program. The award this year will go to Connor Chase, a senior at Lakewood Ranch High School, on April 17.
  • There will be a Tribute to Heroes Memorial Day parade. This year the special guests will be driven in golf carts. We will need to confirm attendees.
  • The Missing Man memorial table will be set up in the Oasis lobby on May 2.
  • Stars will be available after May 2 to memorialize those fallen warriors having a connection to our community.
  • Flags across Del Webb to be coordinated through Castle and Juniper’s mowing cycle.
  • There will be a groundbreaking ceremony for the dedication of 84 home by Tunnel to Towers on June 15. Further details forthcoming.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, May 14th at 6:30pm. The guest speaker will be a representative from JFCS.

Motion to close the meeting at 7:30pm was made by Dave Chevron and seconded by John Bastiani.

Respectfully submitted,
Dave Chervin – Secretary