AVMS Meeting Minutes May 14 2024

Christopher DiBiaseMeeting Minutes

AVMS Meeting Minutes May 14, 2024

Call to Order: Rich Greenberg, President, called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. Member-at-Large, Deb DiStefano, led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Invocation: Bob Turner

Guest Speaker: JFCS Veteran’s Outreach – George Maggio was unable to attend the meeting due to two emergency situations.

Mission BBQ – Mike Reilly, Mission BBQ’s Community Ambassador, provided sandwiches and macaroni and cheese for our meeting.  He also spoke about Mission BBQ’s outreach efforts and the Armed Forces Week.  They will be having “Lunch with the Heroes” on Saturday, May 18 from 11 am – 2 pm which includes a free sandwich for all active duty military and veterans.

Officer Reports

Treasurer’s Report – Steve Milbrod:

Beginning Balance – $16,836.90

Ending Balance – $18,491.32

Revenues: $3,171.88

$ 145.00 – Dues
$ 120.78 – Donations
$ 87.00 – 50/50 proceeds
$1,685.00 – Webb Fest Ticket Sales (In person)
$1,134.10 – Webb Fest Ticket Sales (On line)

Expenses: $1,517.46

$1,500.00 – ROTC Scholarship Award
$ 17.46 – Supplies

Secretary’s Report – Deb DiStefano, for David Chervin

  • Last month’s minutes were approved by the Board electronically and are available on the AVMS website.
  • 4 of the 5 voting members of the Board were present; Dave Chervin, Secretary was absent.
  • New member, Karen Nasello was welcomed by Deb DiStefano.

Agenda Items

WebbFest 2024 – Steve Milbrod provided the following summary:

We had gross revenue of $8,996 and expenses of $1,624 with a net profit of $7,372.  This was a record-breaking event!  The Brooklyn Water Ice did not sell as well as the ice cream truck.  Ticket sales on-line surpassed the sales in person and therefore justifying taking credit cards as a way to sell tickets.

Corporate Sponsorships – Deb DiStefano and John Bastiani reported:

So far, we have over $5,000 in sponsorships.  Deb read the names of all of the sponsors.  We have some pending sponsorships from the Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance and Wawa Foundation.  All new sponsorship sales must be completed by 5/17 so that we may order the new banner for the Memorial Day parade which takes place on 5/26.

JROTC Scholarship Program – Rich Greenberg reported:

The $1,500 scholarship awarded at the high school ceremony went well.  He thanked the committee for their efforts.

Private Donation – Rich Greenberg reported:

Someone in AVMS helped out a neighbor and, as a thank you, they made a private donation of $150.

Charity Partners – Rich Greenberg reported:

Manasota Operation Troop Support (MOTS) has decided to close their doors.  We are looking at other local charities including Ringling College of Art and also assisting via volunteers at Great American Assisted Living.

Flag Collection & Memorial Stars – Rich Greenberg reported:

Flag collection was a huge success.  Our box was full and the VFW assisted in taking the flags for proper retirement.  The box will remain available going forward.  We also have the Memorial Stars in the Oasis lobby.  As in past years, the names on these stars will be read at the Del Webb Memorial Service at the Circle of Honor by the Flag.  The Missing Man table is also set up in the Oasis Lobby.

Flags Across Del Webb – John Bastiani reported:

As in the past, we will be putting up flags around the community.  Let John Basitiani know if you’d like to volunteer.

Memorial Day Service – Rich Greenberg reported:

Service will be on Monday, May 27 at 10 am at the Circle of Honor

LWRCA Tribute to Heroes – Rich Greenberg reported:

The downtown Lakewood Ranch reception will be held at the Town Hall 5-5:30 pm. Assembly for the parade will begin at the Grove at 6:15 pm with the parade commencing from there.

Color Guard Staffing – John Bastiani reported

The Color Guard is currently fully staffed; however, we wish to maintain a list of additional volunteers in case of absences.  If interested, please contact John.

Tunnels to Towers – Veteran Housing Update – Rich Greenberg reported:

Groundbreaking will take place on June 15 at the site.  This is dedicated housing for Veterans.

50/50 – The 50/50 was drawn at the end of the meeting. 

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, June 11 at 6:30 pm.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:30 was made by John Bastiani and seconded byDeb DiStefano.

Respectively submitted,
Deb DiStefano for Dave Chervin – Secretary