December 11, 2018 Meeting Minutes

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DWLRAVMS December 11, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Attendance: 28 members present indicating a quorum.   Excused absence: Secretary P. Sefton.

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Commander Martinez at 6:40pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Commander Herman Martinez. An invocation was given by Commander Herman Martinez. He welcomed everyone to today’s meeting.

Commander Herman Martinez welcomed new members to the meeting and asked each to stand up and give a brief introduction.    We welcomed 2 new members.


Committee Reports:

Vice Commander Jerry Hufford provided an update on the website. It is still a ‘work in progress’ but encouraged everyone to take a look. Jerry is still looking for pictures from community events which will be downloaded shortly.

Supply Officer,Fred Chapman announced there are 9 hats and one women’s shirt left available for purchase. If anyone would like to order a shirt, Fred will take their order.

Membership: A new membership drive will be forthcoming as the New Year approaches.

Treasurer’s Report: Overall funds dropped by 69% due to Gift Card purchases for Operation Thanksgiving of $2066 and Veterans Day expenses of $193.    The balance in our account as of 12/6/2018 was $1,037.    There has been no income during this period due to no meeting in November (50/50 sales) and no hat/shirt sales.

Until such time, a new membership chairman is approved, Steve or any of the directors will collect dues from any new members for processing.

Secretary’s Report: The secretary’s report is available for review by all members in the website.


Old Business:

Operation Thanksgiving: Commander Martinez gave a summary regarding the Thanksgiving Project headed by Steve Dretar and Jon Moneyhun. The project surpassed its initial expectation of 30 gift baskets with commitments of over double the original goal. Packing the baskets went off on schedule on November 18th in the afternoon at the Activity Center.  These baskets targeted those soldiers at MacDill of lower rank in need of help during the holidays. It was noted that many of these soldiers and their families qualify for food stamps because of their low pay.

A group of volunteers went with Dretar and Moneyhun to deliver the gift baskets to MacDill AFB just before the holiday.    At MacDill, the First Sergeants from many outfits came to collect baskets for their troops.

Initial feedback was that it was well received by the low-rank troops and their families.


New Business:

  • Commander Martinez noted that he was working on a summary of 2018 successes and will summarize all that was accomplished. We all need to work together to set goals and objectives for 2019.
  • Commander Martinez mentioned that both the Treasurer and Vice Commander positions will be up for nominations and voting in January. Anyone wanting to nominate someone should reach out to Herman.    Jerry Hufford was nominated to continue as Vice Commander by Herman Martinez and seconded by Fred Chapmen. Steve Milbrod was nominated for Treasurer by Lanny English and seconded by Rick Davis.
  • Herman asked for members to volunteer for committees. There are open positions for Membership Chairmen and Committee Members and Events Committee Chairmen and Committee Members.
  • Supply Officer, Fred Chapmen, our Supply Officer, attended a Packing Party at MOTS during this month’s event and gave the membership a report on his experience. He was very impressed with the work MOTS is doing and recommended that others attend future meetings.  It was suggested that we post upcoming MOTS Events in future e-mails and on the website.
  • Commander Martinez mentioned going forward with the non-profit paperwork. He explained that this status will help us to obtain support for future projects.

Commander Martinez opened the floor to discussion from the general membership. He also mentioned if anyone has an idea for a speaker, to please make a board member aware and the individual will be contacted.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jerry E. Hufford

Vice Commander

(Seating in for Pat Septon)

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