February 12, 2019 Meeting Minutes

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DWLRAVMS February 12, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Attendance: 26 members present indicating a quorum. Excused absence: Secretary P. Sefton.

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Commander Martinez at 6:35pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Director-at-Large, Ernie Wawrowicz . An invocation was given by Commander Herman Martinez. He welcomed everyone to today’s meeting.

Commander Herman Martinez welcomed 1 new member, Ken Anderson, to the meeting and asked him to stand up and give a brief introduction.

Herman went on to introduce our guest speaker, Edward Robinson, Director from Turning Points located at 701 17th Ave W. Bradenton, Florida.


Turning Points Summary:

Turning Points is an organization dedicated to the support of local veterans and their families. Many of these veterans are homeless or are near / at risk of being homeless.

In 2018 their organization supplied 10,241 local veterans and their family with:

  • Over 8,000 showers
  • 4,062 loads of clothes cleaned
  • Over 10,000 personal hygiene kits
  • 486 Bicycles for getting to work
  • 1,000’s of meals served 7 days a week
  • A food pantry with many essentials

Also as important, they help these local veterans to find work and housing. They help them to develop resumes and work on their job search.

Turning Points has 28 workers and 150 Volunteers doing everything from resume development, laundry, bike repair, food pantry and clothing distribution. When asked how we can help, Mr. Robinson stated that volunteers are always needed, next they will take clothing (men’s, women’s and children) in good condition, and items for personal hygiene such as soap, toothpaste, etc…

Edwin Robinson from veterans support group Turning Points receiving our bike donation.Money is always welcome, but seemed to be a little farther down the list from needs. Mr. Robinson stated that 100% of cash donations go to helping vets and their families because a grant covers overhead costs.

At the conclusion, Commander Martinez presented Turning Points with a beautiful like-new bike that had been donated to our group by a DW Resident. Edward volunteered to send us a photo of the bike with its proud new veteran owner.

Committee Reports:

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer, Steve Milbrod, was late/excused due to traffic on his return from Orlando. Jerry Hufford gave a report on current financials. He reported a starting balance on 1/1/19 of $1478 and an end balance on 01/31/19 of $1989. He explained that the bulk of the positive change was due to income from membership dues. The only expense was some late reported expenses from Operation Thanksgiving of $34.

Secretary’s Report: The secretary’s report is available for review by all members in the website.

Membership: A new membership drive will be formed in 2019 starting with the addition of a Membership Chairmen and Committee Members to support improvements.

Committee Appointments:
Commander Martinez noted the addition of several new Committee Chairs.
Website Committee Chairperson: Chris DiBiase
Membership Committee Chairperson: Bob Sharak
Outreach Committee Co-Chairpersons: Linda Chambers, Peggy Hufford and Ken Anderson.
AVMS Chaplin: Ken Anderson

Vice Commander Jerry Hufford asked for any reports from the newly formed committees.

  • Webmaster Chris DiBiase talked about the many changes/ improvements and asked all to go to DWLWRVETS.com and review updates. He also hopes all will add the updated Del Webb Lakewood Ranch AVMS Facebook page.
  • Outreach Committee: None
  • Historian: None
  • Supply Officer: Fred Chapman reported on inventory of shirts and hats. He has both Ladies’ and Men’s sizes.


Old Business

Veterans Memorial Update
Commander Martinez reported that the new memorial completion date has been backed up due to the new proposed location. The memorial will be located on the west side of the clubhouse property on the grassy area between the Lake House parking lot and the clubhouse parking area. The target date has not been announced.

Highlighted Member
Commander Martinez is asking the membership to nominate current members for our next “highlighted member” on the website. The website will have a story and photos. It’s a great way for us get to know our fellow club members.

Not for Profit Designation (501-c3)
We are currently completing the paperwork to become a non-profit. Eileen Milbrod has agreed to help with the application process. This status will help us with donations since many companies require that all donations go to not-for-profit organizations.


New Business

2019 Save the Dates
Vice Commander Jerry Hufford reported on the agreed dates for our four annual events for this year. We have agreed on 5-27 (Memorial Day), 7-4 (4th of July), 11-10 (Veterans Day Events) and 11-24 (Operation Thanksgiving Packing Party). We also announced that we will not have our monthly membership meetings in July and November.

MOTS Packing Party
We will announce by e-mail for the next MOTS Packing Party so our group will have the opportunity to participate.

Future Speakers
Herman announced that he is lining up some great speakers for this year.

50/50 Winner was Fred Chapman. Congratulations Fred and thanks to all for helping to support our group.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jerry E. Hufford, Vice Commander (for Secretary Pat Sefton)

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