June 12th, 2018 Meeting Minutes

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DWLRAVMS – 12 June, 2018 Meeting Minutes
Attendance: 27 members present indicating a quorum.

Call to Order: Commander Herman Martinez called the meeting to order at 6:35pm. Jerry Hufford led the members in the Pledge of Allegiance and Vice Commander Rick Davis gave the invocation. Commander Herman Martinez welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the new members.

Committee Reports:
Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Ned Conlin reported the current balance as $1,879.93 and thanked everyone who has supported the raffle. He reminded everyone that shirts and caps are still available for purchase.
Secretary’s Report: All monthly secretaries’ reports are available on the website. Any report can be downloaded for printing.

Other Committee Reports: Other committee reports were deferred because of a guest speaker. Other announcements will be made after the conclusion of the program.

Program: Member Walter Finkelstein introduced the speaker for the evening. Kevin Wilcox is a member of Coast Guard Auxiliary District 7 from Clearwater Florida. He works with FEMA to coordinate disaster activities in affected areas and helps to coordinate flights for the Coast Guard. Mr. Wilcox gave an informative overview of the responsibilities of the Auxilliary, highlights which include:

  • Established in 1790 as a revenue Cutter Service
  • In 1915 merged to create the actual Coast Guard as we know it today.
  • In peaceful times is considered part of the Department of Homeland Security
  • In times of War the Auxiliary serves the Department of the Navy

The Auxiliary assists in certification and safety check of pleasure vessels and assists the Coast Guard in buoy placement and auxiliary air support. He encourages all pleasure boaters to download an App which allows the boat owner to post a float plan which can be sent to friends and family while on the water. Several handouts were dispersed to members which contained information valuable to all individuals spending time on the water (ie. waterproof bags, decals for oars, etc). There are currently 44,000 active Coast Guard members, 32,000 active Auxiliary members in 171 divisions and 33 flotillas. Mr. Wilcox answered questions from those in attendance and was thanked for his service.

Old Business:
Open Position: Commander Herman Martinez announced the resignation of Rick Davis as Vice Commander. Herman thanked Rick for his many hours of service and numerous contributions to the organization. Herman announced this open position allows the opportunity to seek nominations from the floor to fill the position. He asked for nominations from the floor… Secretary Pat Sefton nominated Jerry Hufford for the position. Hearing no other nominations from the floor, the vote was unanimous to place Jerry in the role as Vice Commander. While Jerry served as the Member-at-Large, this now presents another position needing to be filled. Member Steve Detrar was nominated and received unanimous support; he will assume the role as Member-at-Large.

General Announcements: Commander Herman Martinez reminded members the Active Shooter Seminar will be presented by the Manatee Sheriff’s Office on June 19th in the Amenity Center. He encouraged everyone to attend and to bring a friend.

Commander Herman Martinez reminded everyone that miniature flags will be placed at the end of the driveway during the weekend of Memorial Day. This is for every resident in the development in recognition and support of those individuals who have served our country in the military. On Tuesday morning, residents are encouraged to pick up their flag and keep it for the following year.

New Business:
Presentation of Website: Jerry Hufford gave an excellent presentation of the new website. He used his laptop and the image was transferred to a large screen for everyone to view, he ran through many of the subject lines to introduce content and explained references of where information can be retrieved. In the near future both the Treasurer’s and Secretary’s Reports will be online for any member to review. Jerry encouraged everyone to peruse the site but keep in mind it is a ‘work in progress’ and will be ever changing as time goes on. He was applauded and thanks for his time and efforts. A notice to all members will be emailed in the next few days providing directions and password into the membership list.

The domain www.dwlwrvets.com was purchased from GoDaddy and thus far, no others expenses have been incurred.

Historian: Commander Herman Martinez announced that Steve Milrod has volunteered to keep a historic record of the events of the organization. Steve passed around a notebook containing pictures and flyers from previous events and activities. If anyone has pictures or items that would be appropriate for the notebook, please give them to Steve.

Commander Herman Martinez announced there will be a 4th of July golf cart parade within the development. He is coordinating activities with the Activity Director and further announcement will be provided as plans unfold.

Herman opened the floor to comments and concerns from the members … questions were answered, he encouraged members to let him know of program ideas.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50PM

Respectfully submitted:

Patricia Sefton, Secretary

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