Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 2021

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Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 2021

Del Webb Lakewood Ranch’s Veterans and Military Supporters held its Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day ceremony on December 7, 2021. Ken Anderson offered the Invocation to start the ceremony.

Here are some pictures from the event:

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 2021 marks the 80th anniversary of the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor. The attack was a surprise military strike by the Imperial Japanese Navy against the United States naval base in Hawaii in the early morning hours of December 7, 1941.

At 7:55 A.M., with the weather about the same as our morning in Lakewood Ranch (temperature in low 70’s), two waves of 353 Japanese fighter planes, bombers, and torpedo planes, launched from six aircraft carriers, attacked the base.

All 8 of the United States battleships were damaged, with half of them being sunk. The USS Arizona was the only ship that was not raised. Six of the eight ships returning to service to fight in World War II.  188 U.S. aircraft were destroyed; 2,403 Americans were killed and 1,178 others were wounded.

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