September 11, 2018 Meeting Minutes

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DWLRAVMS September 11, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Attendance: 36 members present indicating a quorum.

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Commander Martinez at 6:33pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Member-at-Large Steve Dretar. An invocation was given by Commander Herman Martinez. He welcomed everyone and two new members were introduced.

Committee Reports:

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s Report was given by Secretary Pat Sefton as Ned Conlin was not in attendance.

Secretary’s Report: It was announced that the Secretary’s Report is available for review on the website by Secretary Pat Sefton.

Joan Sauer is the Outreach Coordinator and commented she would like to know of anyone needing assistance within the community. One member’s name was spoken. Joan will send the family a card on the recent loss of a loved one.

Supply Officer Fred Chapman provided a brief report on the number of hats and shirts left in stock and the cost of ordering each in case someone might be interested. The hats are $15.00 each and the shirts are $35.00 each and need to be ordered.

Old Business:

Secretary Pat Sefton made a brief presentation regarding the allocation of treasury funds. This idea was mentioned in July since we have accumulated monies that might be used during the upcoming holidays. A ballot sheet was handed out and Pat explained the options. This included the opportunity to select the amount of funds to be distributed, as well as ideas for usage of the funds. She explained she had spoken with Linda Craig from MOTS. Suggestions from Linda included monies for postage to send care boxes overseas, Publix gift cards to buy perishable foods, and Home Depot / Lowes gift cards for home repairs. This list is not exclusive but merely preliminary ideas. Everyone was encouraged to provide a few suggestions. At the bottom of the sheet was an opportunity to join a committee to narrow down the suggestions and provide recommendations to be presented at the October meeting. Sheets were collected and will be tabulated prior to the October meeting.

New Business:

Member-at-Large Steve Dretar made a presentation titled “Operation Thanksgiving.” This is an opportunity to provide support to military families stationed at MacDill AFB during the holiday. The program would involve the pledge to provide food baskets and deliver them to MacDill for distribution to families identified by the First Sergeant’s Council and Operation Warm Heart. Residents of Del Webb will be asked to pledge monies which would provide non-perishables and a gift certificate for a 16lb turkey. The suggested dinner menu would feed a family of six. Specific details were explained outlining the countdown to completion (presentation materials added to minutes). It was suggested the idea be presented to the community through our website as well as Facebook to determine the support for the project.

Following an open discussion Commander Martinez made a motion to allocate $200.00 from the treasury to support this project with needed materials such as posters and supplies to ensure a successful campaign. A second was made by Guy Sumrall. A unanimous vote was heard from all.

A second presentation was made by member Neal Zislin explaining the Turning Points program for veterans in need of assistance in Manatee County. This program provides employment assistance, computer skills to enhance job training, food stamp assistance, medical/dental and vision clinic support, emergency assistance for prescriptions, food and short-term housing and many other services. Following an open discussion, it was suggested a member of the organization appear at one of the meetings as a speaker after the first of the year.

Commander Martinez mentioned the plan developing for the Veteran’s Day celebration. The activities will be similar to last year, with the addition of the Del Webb resident’s ‘Let’s Sing’ group entertaining residents with a few patriotic songs. More details will evolve as time progresses. Any member who would like to be recognized by carrying their service flag, please contact Jerry Hufford for further details.

Commander Martinez mentioned to opportunity for the community to receive a Flag Pole from the Homeowner’s Association. Details are still being worked out and future announcements will be forthcoming.

Commander Martinez mentioned that, according to the bylaws, two of the board positions turn over each year. In January the positions of Vice Commander and Treasurer will be elected. If anyone is interested in either position, please submit your name/nomination to Secretary Pat Sefton no later than Friday December 7th. Candidates will be voted on at the December meeting which will become effective the first of the year.

Commander Martinez mentioned the option of raising the dues starting in January. Currently, dues are $20.00. The suggestion was made to raise it to $25.00. It was also suggested the membership think about making the dues $30.00 which would include a cap. Following much discussion on the topic, it was decided to table the discussion to a later meeting.

In his closing remarks, Commander Martinez read a short paragraph encouraging each of us to remember those affected by the September 11th attacks in New York and Washington.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm.

The 50/50 drawing winner was Phil Arapallo.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Sefton, Secretary

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