April 12, 2022 Meeting Minutes

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April 12, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Call To Order: Rich Greenberg, President, called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.

Keith Pandeloglou guest speaker at April 12 meetingGuest Speaker: Herman Martinez, guest speaker committee chair, introduced Keith Pandeloglou, Executive Director of Community Activities in Lakewood Ranch. There were 102 Del Webb residents present to hear what Keith had to say about both current and future activities that are available to residents of Lakewood Ranch. Keith also told residents that he and his staff are open to any suggestions about future activities.

A short break was taken before beginning our General Membership meeting.

The meeting was reconvened at 6:55 PM

Joe Ward led the Pledge of Allegiance. Ken Anderson presented the invocation.

Welcome Remarks: New members were welcomed by President, Rich Greenberg.

Roll Call / Attendance: Directors present were Rich Greenberg, Linda Chambers, Steve Milbrod, John Bastiani, and Joe Ward. There were 55 members present.

Officer Reports

Secretary’s Report: March 8th general membership meeting minutes were approved.

Linda Chambers reported that the current membership stands at 323 members. All members who have not paid their 2022 membership dues were removed from the roster.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Steve Milbrod reported:

Ending balance last month $4,165.00

Current Balance:   $8,664.00

Expenses:   $360. 00 for apparel     $25.00 supplies and postage.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Ken Anderson reminded us that we are a growing and aging community. We are getting more request for help. For example: Transportation requests, help for people who have someone suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. He is asking for members to sign up to help when they can.

Website: John Bastiani encouraged all members to check our the A.V.M.S. website. He is also accepting any suggestions for improving the site. You can access the website at AVMS.US

New Business

Steve Milbrod discussed an opportunity to work with the HOA on Memorial Day weekend. They are hosting a pool party and would like AVMS to help. An email will be sent to members letting them know how you can help.

Herman Martinez is the chair of the speaker committee. He requested that all members let him know if they knew of anyone who would be a good speaker for AVMS and the community at large. He can be reached at hdm1950@aol.com or call at 407-427-4631.

Paul Cote reminded members that if they had unwanted items in their home. They could contact Vietnam Veterans of America and arrange a pickup time. The link to their website is on the AVMS website.

Peggy Hufford sold men and women t-shirts at the meeting. If you would like to purchase a shirt in the future contact Debbie Distefano at Debdi1217@gmail.com.

Joe Ward let us know that the veterans from Cyprus Springs Home who came to our Veterans Day Ceremony very much appreciated joining us.

Upcoming events in May:

  1. American flags will be installed on the homes of anyone in the community who wants one who would like to fly the flag. All you have to do is purchase a flag, a pole, and the flag holder. The flag holder will be installed free of charge.
  2. A Missing Man table will be placed in the lobby of the lobby of the Oasis. This table will honor all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Stars will be placed in the Oasis Lobby for you to write the names of loved ones who made the ultimate sacrifice. The stars will be placed on the wall for the month of May
  3. AVMS will participate in the Memorial Day parade on May 22 on Main Street, downtown Lakewood Ranch. We encourage all members to participate.
  4. On the morning of Memorial Day there will be an event at the Memorial.

Southeast Guide Dogs is one of the organizations that AVMS supports. They held an event for all organization and individuals who have contributions. This event was attended by some board members and several members. We encourage you to visit and see the amazing work they do.

John Bastiani announced that we need a new official photographer for AVMS. Please let Rich Greenberg know if you are interested in becoming our photographer.

Also, John talked about the Wall of Heroes. If you have a family member that is currently an active member of any branch of the military. Please take the time to tell us about him/her. This information will  be placed on the AVMS website.

John Bastiani made a motion to adjourn the meeting, the motion was seconded by Joe Ward and approved by the members at 7:28PM.