April 13, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Christopher DiBiaseMeeting Minutes

April 13, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Call To Order: Rich Greenberg, Vice Commander, called the meeting, both in the Oasis and Zoom, to order at 6:30 pm.  Joe Ward led the Pledge of Allegiance. Invocation was given by Ken Anderson.

Attendance: Directors present were Rich Greenberg, Bob Sharak, Steve Milbrod, and Joe Ward.  Thus, there was a quorum of Directors. There were 17 participants in the meeting (12 in the Oasis and 5 on Zoom).

Welcome Remarks: New members were welcomed by Vice Commander Rich Greenberg.

Guest Speaker: There was no guest speaker at the meeting.

Officer Reports:

Treasurer’s Report: Steve Milbrod reported ending Balance of $8,027, up from lasts month balance of $4,991, primarily from Event collections for “Webb Fest”.

Secretary’s Report: Bob Sharak asked for and received Board approval of March 9, 2021 meeting minutes. Minutes will be posted on our website.

Membership Directory:  205 members as of the date of the meeting, an all-time high. 46 new members added this year.  26% of the membership are veterans of the military.

Committee Reports:

Membership Acquisition/Retention:  Bob Sharak reported for John Bastiani that 22 “Welcome” e-mails went out to new residents touting the benefits of membership. The individual emails were based on a list of the new residents posted in the “Threads of the Webb” magazine.

New residents already receive an A.V.M.S. application and letter in their closing/welcome packet.

Website:  No report.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors:  Ken Anderson provided an update:

  • Susan Berenson sent a note to the Del Webb Community via Facebook to thank our community for their love and support of her husband Jeff as he recovers from his near fatal accident 6 weeks ago as he awaited to exit our community at SR 70.  
  • The Meal Train (a project of Neighbors Helping Neighbors) has been providing meals three times per week for Susan Berenson and her sister as Susan invests nearly 8 hours every day being with her husband.  Susan has expressed her gratitude time and time again for these meals…which will continue into May.
  • Neighbors Helping Neighbors now has a poster on display in the OASIS Lobby.  A huge THANKS to Steve Milbrod for volunteering his time and creative / artistic talent in designing the poster…and thank you to Amanda Arnold for paying for the poster out of her budget. 
  • All new residents receive a one-page document on Neighbors Helping Neighbors in their closing / welcome packet.
  • Neighbors Helping Neighbors next Committee Meeting will be held on Friday, April 23 at 1:30 P.M. in the OASIS.

Sergeant of Arms: No report.

Supply Officer: Debbie DiStefano reported that we now have all sizes polos and t-shirts in stock. We will have a table for sales at “Webb Fest”.

Old Business

  1. Steve Milbrod reported that the first event of the year, the “Webb Fest” fundraiser on Friday April 23rd, is sold out! We hit the limit of 300 tickets. It will be held in the Oasis outdoor parking lot. Live band playing 70’s and 80’s music from 7-9 pm. John Bastiani has kindly agreed to entertain for the first hour at 6 pm. Linda Craig, from Manasota Operation Troop Support (MOTS) has agreed to briefly speak to the uses and benefits of our donations. Catering to be provided by the Lake House. Winn Dixie has offered to provide items for raffle. A few more volunteers are needed to the 50/50 raffle etc.
  2. Vietnam Day Veterans Day 3/29 – Vice Commander Rich Greenberg reported that the 20-minute program was our first event using the newly formed Flag bearers. The program included the presentation of the POW MIA Flag. 

New Business

  1. Missing Man Table – Board Member-at-Large Joe Ward reported that a “Missing Man Table” will be on display in the Oasis lobby during the entire month of May. All branches of the service will be represented. There will be paper stars and pens available for individuals to honor others.
  2. June Summer Bash Update – Steve Milbrod reported that plans are developing for a Summer Bash to be held sometime in June. Details to be announced.

Membership dues prorated for joining in the 2nd quarter stay the same at:

$15 /single and $30/couple.

Next Meeting: May 11th 6:30 pm.

Open Forum:  Herman Martinez reminded that past “Missing Man Tables” included some personal items desired to be put on display by some members.

It was suggested we consider a reminder of the current month meeting be put on a posterboard and displayed on an easel in the Oasis lobby.

Motion to close the meeting was made and seconded.  The meeting adjourned at 7:05pm.

Respectively submitted,

Robert Sharak – Secretary