March 9, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Christopher DiBiaseMeeting Minutes

March 9, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Call To Order: Jerry Hufford called the meeting, both in the Oasis and Zoom, to order at 6:30 pm.  Joe Ward led the Pledge of Allegiance. Invocation was given by Jerry Hufford, substituting for Ken Anderson.

Attendance: Directors present were Jerry Hufford, Rich Greenberg, Bob Sharak, Steve Milbrod, and Joe Ward.  Thus, there was a quorum of Directors. There were 37 participants in the meeting (26 in the Oasis and 11 on Zoom).

Welcome Remarks: New members were welcomed by Commander Jerry Hufford.

Guest Speaker: There was no guest speaker at the meeting.

Officer Reports:

Treasurer’s Report:

Steve Milbrod reports an ending Balance of $4,991, up from last month’s balance of $3,394, primarily from dues.

Secretary’s Report:

Bob Sharak asked for and received Board approval of February 9, 2021 meeting minutes. Minutes are posted on our website.

Membership Directory:  200 Active members as of the date of the meeting. (43 New members and 157 Renewals.) 29 members have not yet renewed (15% of year-end roster of 194) Final reminder letters will be going out later in March.

Committee Reports:

Membership Acquisition/Retention:  Of the 43 new members this year (22% increase), 30 came in the last month, of which included 8 on Club Day. A planned e-mail will go out to new residents touting the benefits of membership.

Website:  No report.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Vice Commander Rich Greenberg reported for Ken Anderson:

  • Neighbors Helping Neighbors sent out a survey to all AVMS Members for purposes of determining their interest in a particular service area with Neighbors Helping Neighbors (e.g., Meals, Transportation, etc.).
  • 36-7 residents have signed up as volunteers.
  • Approval obtained to put up a sign in the Lobby area of the Oasis.

Sergeant of Arms: No report.

Supply Officer: Debbie DiStefano reports we sold a Men’s formal shirt and hat during club day.  Our inventory is 12 formal shirts and 12 hats, and we have some of most sizes.  The t-shirts sold very well.  We pre-sold 35, so 50 were ordered.  We sold another 11 during Club Day which only leaves us 4 t-shirts.  An order will be placed for 18 more t-shirts so that we have some inventory.

Old Business

  • The first event of the year was announced, the “Webb Fest” fundraiser on Friday April 23rd. It will be held in the Oasis outdoor parking lot. Live band playing 70’s and 80’s music from 7-9 pm. John Bastiani has kindly agreed to entertain for the first hour at 6 pm. Catering to be provided by the Lake House. Winn Dixie has offered to provide items for raffle.
    • 236 Tickets have been sold to date. Capacity 300.
    • A final ticket purchase opportunity will be made 4/9-10, targeting those not on Facebook.

New Business

  1. Club Day – Treasurer Steve Milbrod reports there was a lot of traffic at the AVMS table.  A Spin-the-Wheel was added to spark additional interest. As previously reported, we registered 8 new members and sold 11 more t-shirts.
  2. Vietnam Day Veterans Day 3/29 – Vice Commander Rich Greenberg reports that a 15-20 minute program is being developed for the Flag area. It will include the presentation of the POW MIA Flag.  Also, he is looking at setting up future dates. Volunteers still needed.

Membership dues to stay the same in 2021: $20/single and $35/couple.

Next Meeting: April 13th 6:30 pm.

Open Forum:  Herman Martinez praised the idea of a color guard, and suggested that the effort be done with people that care, have proper equipment such as apparel, and proper training.  It was also suggested we might consider adding a couple of drill rifles to the equipment.

Motion to close the meeting was made and seconded.  The meeting adjourned at 7:09 pm.

Respectively submitted,

Robert Sharak – Secretary