January 12, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Christopher DiBiaseMeeting Minutes

January 12, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Call To Order: Jerry Hufford called the meeting (Zoom) to order at 6:30 pm.  Treasurer Steve Milbrod led the Pledge of Allegiance. Jerry Hufford provided opening remarks and wished everyone a healthy 2021.

Attendance: Directors present were Jerry Hufford, Rich Greenberg, Steve Milbrod, Bob Sharak, and Joe Ward.  Thus, there was a quorum of Directors. There were 26 participants in the Zoom meeting. Because of the need to have Zoom meetings instead of in-person meetings (due to COVID and the inability to use the Oasis Activity Center for large meetings), the Board has temporarily suspended the membership quorum requirement of 20% required to have an official meeting. The board replaced it with the requirement to have a quorum of Board members present and a 50% positive vote of members present to rule on any motions.

Welcome Remarks: New Board of Directors Vice Commander Rich Greenberg was introduced, and indicated he was excited to be on the Board and looked forward to working to continually improve the organization.

There were 9 new members added to the active roster in January. New members were welcomed by Commander Jerry Hufford.

Guest Speaker: There was no guest speaker at the meeting.

Officer Reports

Treasurer’s Report:

Steve Milbrod reports:
Ending balance      $2,686
Charity Donations for 2020, in spite of COVID19, totaled $20,220.

Secretary’s Report:

Bob Sharak asked for and received Board approval of December 8, 2020 meeting minutes. Minutes will be posted on our website.

Membership Roster:  194 Active members at year end 2020. Reminder that the deadline for renewing dues is 1/1/21. 94 members or 48% have not renewed thus far, although it was noted that we would usually get many members renewing at previous January in-person meetings.

Committee Reports

Membership Acquisition/Retention:

John Bastiani reported several activities:

  • He will work on a “dues reminder letter” to send to the membership. This will incorporate the new dues payment method as described below under New Business.
  • He will develop a letter to send out to new residents 30 days after their closing.  

Website:  No report.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors: No report

 Sergeant of Arms: No report.

Supply Officer: Debbie DiStefano reported that there are shirts and hats now available for sale. Three of each size shirt in stock. Debbie described the new performance t-shirt that is being proposed. It will be navy color with white lettering. Cost to member will be $10 / shirt, except 2XL, which will be $12.

Old Business

  • Holiday Golf Cart Parade was held at night and was a success. It was a positive that we were able to incorporate the “Let’s Sing” Choral group for entertainment.
  • By-Laws updates were approved in December meeting and will be modified on our web-site.
  • The Voting process for the Board of Director positions worked smoothly. Due to COVID, the process relied on mail-in voting, in lieu of in-person voting.

New Business

  1. Dates for Key Events for 2021 are in-progress and will be published at a later date when firm.
  2. Vice Commander Rich Greenberg will create a Color Guard with 5 Service Flags. This will be used for various events. A member does not have to have been in the military to serve in the Color Guard. Any man or woman member can volunteer.
  3. New Members of the Quarter – Chris and John Fulford – recognized for their contribution making COVID face masks and donations to AVMS.
  4. Steve Milbrod, Treasurer announced a new payment method for paying dues by credit or debit card. There will be a link to a portal where members can go online and pay. If successful, this program can be expanded to paying for events etc.
  5. Membership dues to stay the same in 2021: $20/single and $35/couple.

Open Forum:  No questions.

Motion to close the meeting was made and seconded.  The meeting adjourned at 7:05 pm.

Respectively submitted,

Robert Sharak – Secretary