March 12, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Christopher DiBiaseMeeting Minutes

March 12, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Attendance: 32 members present indicating a quorum.

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Commander Martinez at 6:30pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Member-at-Large Ernie Wawrowics. Commander Herman Martinez gave the invocation. He welcomed everyone. Two new members were introduced.

Introduction of Guest Speaker: Commander Martinez introduced Debbie Kehoe and Kathi Skelton from the Homes for Our Troops organization.

Homes For Our Troops Summary:

Both speakers explained the purpose of the organization.

  • The organization helps build new homes – mortgage-free – for those soldiers needing assistance after returning from active duty.
  • Raised $4,000 during their first year of operation for a Florida resident veteran who served overseas and came back with significant life-altering injuries.
  • Last several years, the organization sponsors a golf tournament. Last year’s tournament raised over $115,000 for a Tampa resident veteran.

Questions were answered from the floor.  The organization was commended for their significant contributions to injured veterans in the Florida area.

Committee Reports:

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer Steve Milbroad explained the monthly income and expenses. Current balance is $2,081.00.

Secretary’s Report:

Secretary Pat Sefton took the Call of Attendance and the following board members were present: Commander Herman Martinez, Vice Commander Jerry Hufford, Treasurer Steve Milbroad, Member-at-Large Ernie Wawrowics, and Secretary Pat Sefton.

The Secretary’s report was approved by the board members and will be placed online for the general membership to review.


Membership Chair Bob Sharak reports a current active membership list of 78. He also reported a total of 43 members who have not renewed his/her membership. Bob detailed the process for recruiting new members and explained the board has decided to change the fee for couples. He announced that instead of $40.00 for a couple, the board decided to lower the dues to $35.00. If any current membership couple would like to receive back the $5.00 difference, please contact him for a refund. He also reported 14 new members since the last meeting.


The website is updated regularly. Vice Commander Jerry Hufford suggested all members visit the site for updates, announcements, and upcoming events. The website address is:

Outreach Committee:

Commander Martinez explained the purpose of the Outreach Committee including serving our residents in time of need. This may include taking member meals, providing occasional transportation, or perhaps loaning a piece of medical equipment that someone in the development may have to lend. If anyone is interested in helping with this committee, please contact any board member and your name will be forwarded to the committee members.


Treasurer Steve Milbroad will continue as the Historian. He is keeping a scrapbook of the club’s activities through pictures and articles. If anyone has information appropriate for the scrapbook, please contact him.

Sergeant of Arms:

No report from Chair Charlie Caralyus.

Supply Officer:

No report from Chair Fred Chapman.

Old Business

Turning Points

Vice Commander Jerry Hufford gave a brief slide presentation regarding the presentation of a bicycle to the Turning Points Organization. Cheryl Hedger is the Volunteer Coordinator for Turning Points and could use some assistance. If interested, please contact her at 941-747-1509. They could use help in the food pantry and with health care screenings.

New Business

M.O.T.S. Scholarship Fundraiser

Member-at-Large Ernie Wawrowics explained that the Manasota Operation Troop Support (M.O.T.S.) organization has been given the opportunity to work at one of the Sarasota County Fair food vendor booths owned and operated by the Bee Ridge Women’s Club. All proceeds during this noon shift went to the MOTS organization to help benefit the veterans they serve. The time slot for our AVMS volunteers will be Saturday March 23rd. Volunteers will take food orders, cook, prep, and serve the food. Ernie hopes for a minimum of 20 volunteers and, if interested, please contact him.

Commander Martinez announced the Speaker for the April meeting will be Shannon Feinroth from the Life Law Firm. This program is open to all residents of the community.

Commander Martinez entertained comments and questions from the general membership.

50/50 Winner was John Anderson.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Sefton, Secretary