October 12, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Christopher DiBiaseMeeting Minutes

October 12, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Call To Order: Jerry Hufford Commander, called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.  Director-At-Large Joe Ward led the Pledge of Allegiance. Invocation was given by Rick Davis, subbing for Ken Anderson.

Welcome Remarks: New members were welcomed by Commander Jerry Hufford.

Roll Call / Attendance: Directors present were Jerry Hufford, Rich Greenberg, Bob Sharak, Steve Milbrod, and Joe Ward. There were 40 members at the meeting in the Oasis. There was no Zoom option. Thus, there was not a quorum of membership. For a quorum of membership, per AVMS By-Laws, 20% of total membership must be present.  A quorum would require 54 members at the meeting. (270 x 20%)

Guest Speaker: The Guest Speaker was Susan Stockwell, from “My Warrior’s Place

“My Warrior’s Place is a retreat center located in Ruskin, Florida, but serves veterans from many counties in Florida,” said Stockwell. It was founded by Kelly Kowall, a Gold Star Mother.

The Retreat Center provides a place of respite and temporary housing for our American Heroes and their families. They provide holistic modalities and have recreational amenities. 

A new program called “My Service Dog’s Place” provides a temporary boarding facility for local Service dogs when circumstances arise which would necessitate temporary separation of handler from their dog.

Officer Reports

Secretary’s Reports: Bob Sharak called for and received approval of the September 14 Meeting Minutes. Minutes are posted on the AVMS website.

Membership Roster: Bob Sharak reports that we have 270 members, an all-time high, up from last month of 267.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Steve Milbrod reported:

Opening balance                                               $13,893                                                       

Ending Balance                                                  $13,432

Net increases were from Pet Parade registrations, offset by Pet Parade expenses, restocking of shirt and hat merchandise, and other miscellaneous supplies.

Committee Reports

Membership Acquisition/Retention:  John Bastiani reported that Erin & Steve West have volunteered to assist, and the committee will submit several ideas for consideration. The Committee will have a membership drive table at several upcoming Del Webb events.

Website:   No report.

Communications: Communication specialists Tracy Stewart and Bob Smith have left Del Webb due to job change and will be unable to participate in developing and enhancing our plans for communication content to include e-mail, Facebook etc. We are still looking for volunteers in this area.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Paul Cote substituted for Ken Anderson and re-iterated the mission of Neighbors Helping Neighbors and reminded us that it originated with the Outreach Committee in AVMS. The team furnished over 48 meals, and transported individuals to various medical appointments. The team is still looking for volunteers.

Sergeant of Arms:  No report.

Supply Officer: Debbie DiStefano reported she will be at several upcoming events to sell A.V.M.S. apparel.

Old Business

  1. Pet Parade Update – Thursday Oct 28th – Steve Milbrod reported 22 signups thus far. Steve is still looking for someone to provide a generator for the event to handle the PA system.
  2. Jerry Hufford reported that the 3rd annual Christmas season Golf Cart parade will be held Friday evening Dec 10th. Participants are reminded that the event will be in the evening and their carts should have the capacity to light up. After the parade ends at the Oasis, Let’s Sing will do Holiday Caroling. Possible outdoor movie.
  3. Operation Thanksgiving update – Bob Sharak reported that the donation campaign started October 1 and will run through Oct 30th. Donations for 83 meals have been collected thus far, which is about 37% of our goal of 225 meals. Bonnie & Bill Ottaviani, on the project team, have developed a progress chart in the shape of our flagpole area with a US flag and an Eagle on the top of the pole. As donations are collected, the flagpole and US flag will be filled in. When we reach our goal of 225 meals, the eagle will be filled in. This progress chart will be included in each Monday afternoon’s e-mail blast issued by Castle Lifestyle Director Carly Seitz. Winn-Dixie has indicated that they will not be able to furnish frozen turkeys this year due to supply chain difficulties, but they are contributing five $500 Winn-Dixie gift cards ($2,500) instead.
  4. A Veterans Day Ceremony is planned for November 7th at 2 pm. It will be outdoors in the Oasis parking lot.  The Guest Speaker will be Del Webb resident USN Commander Steve Fisher, a graduate of the US Naval Academy and former commanding officer of a nuclear submarine. The National Anthem and Invocation will be by Cantor Riselle Bain. Prior to her studies for the Cantorate, Cantor Bain had an extensive career in the theatrical arts. As a young girl, she played Moses’ sister in the epic film The Ten Commandments. She also played the role of Eva Peron in the First National Tour of Evita. As part of our program, we will present the selected charities with the AVMS donations. Winn-Dixie will be presented a plaque for their contributions to A.V.M.S. charity programs.
  5. A Pearl Harbor Memorial event is scheduled for December 7th. Some of our Navy Veterans will be involved in the planning. Details to be announced.
  6. Local Charities Update – Due to a variety of circumstances, AVMS Board is no longer intending to make donations to Turning Points Yellow Ribbon Program or to “Our Next Mission”. The Board has interviewed and toured two facilities servicing at-risk veterans and families in the local area: Warrior’s Place in Ruskin, FL. (see Guest Speaker) and Sarasota JFCS-Operation Military Assistance Program (OMAP).
  7. Steve Milbrod reported that the Fall Fiesta Dance Fundraiser was highly successful. The net after expenses was $5,148.

New Business

  1. Bob Sharak reported that the voting in December will be for the three Board positions up for election in an even year: Commander, Secretary, and Director-at-Large.  Nomination procedures will be issued in mid-November. The nominees must:
    1. Be a member in good standing (dues current)
    2. Be willing to serve a 2-year term
    3. Submit a short bio as part of their interest.

Voting will take place at the December meeting in the Oasis, but for those that cannot make the meeting, the procedures allow for absentee and proxy ballots.

Voting instructions will be issued in early December, after nominations are closed.

Open Forum:  Herman Martinez suggested that the collared shirts be only sold to members. It was felt that individual wearing the collared shirt, in a way, represent the organization. The t-shirts could be sold to anyone. The Board agreed and will implement.

There was no 50/50 raffle at the meeting.

Motion to close the meeting at 7:46 was made by Jerry Hufford and seconded by Joe Ward.  

Next Meeting: December 14 at 6:30 pm. (No meeting in November)

Respectively submitted, Robert Sharak – Secretary