October 13, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Christopher DiBiaseMeeting Minutes

October 13, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Call To Order: Jerry Hufford called the meeting (Zoom) to order at 6:30 pm.  Director-at-Large Joe Ward led the Pledge of Allegiance. Cynthia Lambeth, sitting in for Ken Anderson, provided the invocation.

Attendance: Directors present were Jerry Hufford, Gerry Northrup, Steve Milbrod, Bob Sharak, and Joe Ward.  Thus, there was a quorum. There were 19 participants in the Zoom meeting, including 3 guest speakers.

Welcome Remarks: There were no new members to recognize.

Guest Speaker: The guest speakers from “Our Next Mission” were Bob Feller – Chief Executive Officer, Jim Cullum – Board Chairman, and Larry Burbank – Treasurer.

Officer Reports:

Treasurer’s Report: Steve Milbrod reports

Beginning balance: August $4,924

Ending balance: $4,924 (no change)

These are the operating fund balances, excluding separate project funds for the Pet Parade and Operation Thanksgiving.

Secretary’s Report: Bob Sharak asked for and received Board approval of Sept 8, 2020 meeting minutes. Minutes will be posted on our website.

Membership Roster:  188 Active members. No new members since June.

Committee Reports:

Membership Acquisition/Retention: John Bastiani reported several activities:

  • Modifying letter given to new residents in their closing packet (through Amanda Arnold, will send out a letter to new residents that have closed over the last 5-6 months).
  • Will set up a membership recruiting desk at future events, e.g. Pet Parade.
  • Will evaluate changes to the Membership Application form

Website:  No report.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors:  Cynthia Lambeth reporting for Ken Anderson said they will have a contest to get ideas for a new logo. They will also send an e-mail to other Del Webb groups to establish a point of contact for those groups.

Sergeant of Arms: No report.

Supply Officer: Gerry Northrup reported for Debbie DiStefano that there are shirts and hats now available for sale. Some sizes may not be available.

Old Business

No reports.

New Business

  1. Halloween Pet Parade – Event leader Steve Milbrod reported that the event is set for Friday Oct 30th at 4:30 pm. Sat. Oct 31 is the rain date. Steve provided a map orientation of the parade course. 10 Pet registrants thus far.
  2. Veterans Day Nov 8th – Jerry Hufford reported that the event will be held outside this year due to COVID-19. It will be on the lawn behind the Memorial Flag-pole area. Attendees are requested to bring their own chairs. There will be a small stage with a podium. Event will follow a similar program to last year, only outside. Masks to be worn and social distancing. There will be 5 guest speakers.
  3. Operation Thanksgiving – Committee Chair Bob Sharak reported we have 102 gift bags/cards sold. The goal is to donate to 125 military families in need. 2 ½ more weeks in the fundraising campaign. Reminder that donations are not limited to $50. Also, a reminder that Winn-Dixie Gives Foundation is matching our gift bags with an equivalent number of turkeys. Thus far 35% of members have donated. Donation deadline is Oct 30th.
  4. Christmas Golf Cart Parade, Commander Jerry Hufford reported that the parade will be Second Annual Nighttime. Dec 12.
  5. By-Law Proposed changes – Secretary Bob Sharak announced the proposed changes:

Additions: Organization is a public charity under IRS code 509(a)(2) and a 501(c)(3) for federal income tax purposes.
Deletions: Dissolve the Grounds Beautification committee.
Technical Corrections: Corrected to say the monthly meeting will be held on the second Tuesday of the month, not Thursdays. In various places, replace the committee name “Outreach” with the name “Neighbors Helping Neighbors”

The changes will be posted on our website and voted on at the December 8th meeting.

  • Board Positions up for election 1/1/21: Vice Commander and Treasurer. Nomination instructions to be issued to the members in November.
  • Open Forum:  No questions.

Motion to close the meeting was made and seconded.  The meeting adjourned at 7:46 pm.

Respectively submitted,

Robert Sharak – Secretary